Monday, July 23, 2012

neon nails

i know neon is beyond trendy this season. i cant warrant owning any big pieces of neon such as pants or shirts since i dont think the trend will be around long enough to make it worth it. however, i do enjoy the small slices of color added here and there in the form of accessories, intimates, and of course nails.


neon nail varnish is one of my favorite things to pull out during the summer. something about the bright, eye searing colors applied playfully on the fingers and toes makes me so happy during this time. i have three colors in my collection.

china glaze knows how to do their neons. i own (from right to left in the pic above) shocking pink, flip flop fantasy, and pool party. neons can be tricky to apply, they are streaky and dry matte. if you want a high shine finish you definitely will need to use topcoat. as for the problem of being streaky, a base of white polish underneath helps tremendously. with all the swatches below i applied as is, no white base. if you dont use a white base, three to four thin coats of polish will be needed for full opacity. all of the extra trouble is worth it for the bright results!

DSC_7114 pool party is a punchy hot pink. currently on my toes :)


CGshockingpink CGshockingpinkcloseshocking pink is so amazing. it is a very cool pink so it surprised me that i enjoyed this shade so much. the color really flatters my hands. i highly recommend this shade, it is rare when i apply the same color on my nails twice in a row but i have done it with this color!

DSC_7119 this shade was a staple pedicure color for me last summer. i get countless compliments whenever i wear this, most likely because a coral shade.


i dont think i will be giving up my neon nails until the temperature drops and i see the leaves falling. if you own no neons i highly recommend you pick up flip flop fantasy or shocking pink. they wear wonderfully and even though they need at least three coats for an even finish, that isnt so bad for the standard neon from what i hear. what do you think of the neon trend?

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