Wednesday, March 25, 2015

mexico! (part 1)

I know, I know...I am so incredibly late in posting this. I finally got around to editing and organizing my thoughts on my Mexico trip I took back in December. It was such a memorable trip! It was my first time staying at an all inclusive resort and there are definitely pros and cons that I will get into during these posts. Overall I would say it is worth it if you pick a good resort and I would definitely do it again. Day 1 of my Mexico trip:

We stayed at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort in Playa del Carmen. I traveled with my two sisters, two cousins and uncle. We arrived around midday and it was...well it was breathtaking to be honest. My little sister, who is a teenager and VERY hard to impress, was even awestruck and dazed by the view.

Free champagne on arrival! The resort itself was very well taken care of; very open and clean. We picked a good time of the year to visit since the weather was warm and sunny.

We saw a lot of wild iguanas and cats if you can believe it. They mostly came out at night though while the iguanas preferred to soak up the midday sunshine. There were multiple pool areas scattered all over so it was never too crowded. I loved the pillar design.

We hit up the beach to make the most of our day. My bathing suit top is from ASOS and my bottoms are from NastyGal if anyone was wondering.

The beach had a bar and food area so that could be hit up if wanted. The food was just nutrition and nothing amazing. They had burgers, tacos, and hot dogs. I ate my weight in pico de gallo (the only decent thing available since it was so fresh!). I could have spent all day here...I love the beach! I didn't get much color though since it was in the afternoon.

Day one was mostly us settling in our rooms and hitting up the beach. Next time I'll talk about our second day where we ziplined through the jungle and visited a natural cenote...

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