Thursday, January 5, 2012

greige nails: essie st. tropez


lately i have been on a dark polish kick. i decided for my most recent mani to change it up a bit & do a nude nail. looking through my collection i picked essie st tropez, a color i had picked up last year but never had the chance to wear yet since i dont get into nude polish moods often.


first off, let's talk about the color. st tropez is one of those trendy "greige" colors, a blended mix of grey and beige. to me it leans more on the grey scale. it is a cream finish. i had high hopes for this polish since essie's creams usually deliver well.


now for the formula, ah the formula. the formula was a NIGHTMARE. probably the worst formula i have ever come across for essie. it was so thick and goopy making application VERY difficult. i tried painting multiple thin layers and the color looked streaky no matter what. i had to remove it all and start over again. the second time around i did thicker layers and it worked better but it still has extremely uneven/lumpy coverage which you all probably noticed in my pictures (if not seche vite did a good job at covering up the texture, at least from far away.)

**EDIT: i am hearing from a few people i must have gotten a bad egg since their formulas were just fine! so hopefully if you are interested in the color you can risk it and get a good bottle :)

shame because the color is nice. not my favorite, but nice. i am definitely a fan of the greige shades. i have been wanting opi skull and glossbones but i own essie playa de platinum which i heard is similar...

needless to say i doubt i will be attempting to use this polish again. i do wonder if i have a faulty bottle or if everyone has experienced the same with this shade. do you own st tropez? if so do you have a problem with the formula or have any tips to make application bearable? do tell!

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